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About Us

Acceler8 Hub was created because we know the HUSTLE is REAL.

Our mission is to make it easier for entrepreneurs and social innovators to dream, create, connect & do business.

Olanrewaju OniyitanHub Curator
We are a social enterprise platform supporting entrepreneurs & social innovators

Community & support network +
virtual, coworking & events space

You get access to all the facilities a modern business community should have without the high maintenance cost associated. We provide professional, affordable & flexible solutions to ensure you don’t face common challenges of running a business in Nigeria.

Be a part of a community where people working hard & smart to turn their goals into reality. We treat all people with respect, dignity & fairness. In other words, no bad vibes.


Quick Facts:

Launched: 2nd November 2018

Founding Company: W-Holistic Business Solutions

Location: Ikeja, the beautiful capital city of Lagos, NIGERIA.

Our Hub Curator’s Story:

I want to share my personal story with you. I started my major structured company at age 25, young recently out of University. I had worked for about 3 years but did not have any major savings. I was convinced that I found my purpose in life & I wanted to share it with the world. So I put in my resignation letter. I started working from home in my bedroom with my office laptop I purchased. I used part of my tiny savings to buy a printer and internet. I absolutely loved it… the freedom, the independence, all that we all hope for in entrepreneurship. .

I was excited about finally getting clients & fulfilling my purpose. The plan was to do most of the work virtually & if I wanted to see them, I would visit their location. Great Plan, right? Errrm….well, I was very wrong. Even before I got the projects, they wanted to meet me, see my location, build TRUST. I didn’t want anyone in my home as I was just newly married so I opted for the Nando’s close to my home and other cafes & restaurants close to the location the client wanted to meet. Makes sense, right? I was wrong again. But it took me almost one year and almost all my savings to realize I was wrong. Thank God I was smart enough to learn this.

You see, while I was visiting all these cafes & restaurants, I kept all the receipts of the food & drinks. Even when the client picked up the bill, I always took a note of what we spent. After almost a year of this madness (that’s what I see it as now), I decided to see how much had gone into all of this drama. It was close to ₦300k (that was a lot of money in 2007). Do you now understand the foolishness? The next day, I started to look for an office as an investment to grow my business. A great decision right? Well, maybe yes at that time but the cost of setting up & running the office almost killed me. If only there were virtual, co-working & shared office solutions with Pay-As-U-Go options.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THIS.. Acceler8 Hub has got you covered.

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