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Event Collaboration

Will you like to host an interesting & inspiring event in our space?

Lets Collaborate!

Acceler8 Hub is always looking to collaborate with individuals & groups to host events that will be of value to our community and entrepreneurs at large creating a win-win, mutually beneficial relationship.

Minimum charge for access to Acceler8 Hub’s event space + business promotion to our community.

Win For You

Your Responsibilities

  • Actively market your event to fill your seats. You can send us your marketing materials 3 weeks in advance to help you promote.
  • Include Acceler8 Hub’s logo & mention as event partners on all print & online marketing materials.
  • Allow an Acceler8 Hub representative to talk about the Hub during the event.
  • Provide us with professional event photos & videos.
Exposing your community / attendees / clients to our workspace and ancillary services.

Win For Us

Our Responsibilities

  • Help promote your event to our community. We request that you provide a significant discount to our members, or some free tickets for paid events.
  • Share your event details on our website & social media pages
  • Include your event image & short event copy in our community newsletter.
  • Provide a conducive environment for your event.

Potential collaborative events include: advisory sessions, entrepreneurship/creative/technology workshops, non-profit and interest group meetups, skill sharing sessions, etc.

Please Note: We have limited weekly and monthly slots for collaboration events. Once slots have been filled, you will have to either book our event space at regular rates, or wait until the next available slot. Where you have to cancel your event, you are responsible for letting any attendees know that the event has been cancelled. There is no refund or credit for cancellations made within 5 working days to the event.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, please click the button below to contact us to discuss the minimum contribution and other details for your event.