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Let's create enabling environment for entrepreneurs & social innovators together.

Our mission is to make it easier for entrepreneurs and social innovators to dream, create, connect & do business.

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You are the pieces to complete our puzzle.

It takes
a village

Our goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships. We have curated partnership opportunities that will be meaningful to your organisation, while bringing tangible and visible value to the Acceler8 Hub community. We’ve outlined some basic ways you can work with us but welcome a chance to discuss with you if you want to offer something different. 



Make it possible for entrepreneurs and startups to participate in the Acceler8 Hub community, by paying for their memberships for a period of time (or indefinitely, if you prefer). You can set your own criteria for the fellowships, or leave it to us to find deserving individuals. The fellowship will be named after you, of course!



Support entrepreneurs and innovators by providing key services for our community and the workspace itself. You can provide or sponsor a number of services, including, but not limited to: internet & connectivity services; business support services; consultancy services; business software; data services; etc.


Events & Programs

Help Acceler8 Hub host more educational and empowering events targeted towards creativity, innovation & learning. There are many ways you can support:

  1. Host an event of your own (we offer space discounts for events that tie in with our values and are targeted towards entrepreneurs)

  2. Sponsor one of our regular events – see them here.

  3. Partner as a facilitator for our training events: Masterclasses, Lunch & Learn, and Business Clinics.

Are you ready to partner with Acceler8 Hub?

We're looking forward to working with you to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs & social innovators.

Our Current Partners: