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NASME National Youth Enterprise Challenge (#NYEC)


1 I am a young, patriotic and passionate Nigerian citizen, 15 – 29 years old (in accordance with Nigeria’s National Youth Policy 2019 -2023).

2 I reside in one of the 36 States or Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Nigeria.

3 My business is solving a unique problem or provides a new/better way of solving an existing problem (targeting the SDGs or a local problem).

4 My business is beyond the idea stage and have fully kicked off operations. I am running this business full-time.

5 My business sector is: ICT; Agriculture; Manufacturing; Food & Beverage; Hospitality; Creatives; or Professional Services.

6 I have formally incorporated my business and it is not more than five (5) years old.

7 My business is set up as a for-profit business and has potential to scale.

You have done the hardest part of starting up, which is is starting out. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the fearless. As a youth in Nigeria, it’s not easy at all. It is for the youths who are prepared and strong enough to learn from the realities & work past them.


The NASME National Youth Enterprise Challenge (#NYEC) is an initiative Nigerian Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (NASME) designed to address the major challenges facing youth-led MSMEs in Nigeria: Access to Business Development Support & Access to Finance. #NYEC will empower you (& your team) to learn and build your business on the go!

The Nitty Gritty....

Process Workflow

The #NYEC workflow is as follows: 

  1. Application: Completion of the application form. It is quick and easy. You should be able to complete it within a few hours. Here is an offline version of the form to help you prepare…Download Offline Application Form. Remember you need to apply and submit your form online to qualify for the next stage.
  2. Screening and Due Diligence: XXXX.
  3. Business Plan Evaluation: XXXX.
  4. Pitch Judging: XXXX.
  5. Follow-Up: XXXX.

It is a thorough process that will produce five (5) top youth-led businesses in Nigeria who will be NASME Youth Ambassadors.

The Prizes

What Is Up For Grabs

#NYEC is offering something new for the Nigerian Youth.  It combines features of prize money, business development support and much more to help translate the energy and business endeavours of young entrepreneurs in the country into meaningful impact.

At the end of this experience (doing the work of course!!), you will have the following: 

  • Cash Grant – 1st Prize: N1,000,000 | 2nd Prize: N700,000 | 3rd Prize: N500,000 | 4th Prize: 300,000 | 5th Prize: N200,000
  • Business Development Support – Leading to creating a Bankable Business Plan that can be used to unlock additional funding.
  • NASME Youth Ambassador – The Top 5 will become NASME Youth Ambassadors with one (1) year free membership subscription to the Association.
  • Much More – Networking and mentoring opportunities


N2,700,000 in CASH GRANTS + MORE will be awarded by the 2022 NASME National Youth Enterprise Challenge

Ready to get started? Application Closes June 20th 2022

The time spent going through this process is an investment in building the business of your dreams & changing the world while at it.

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